Getting Back

I’ve always had a difficult time keeping up a regular blog – I’m afraid I’ve spread myself too thinly across social media in its various incarnations. However, I’m going to make a concerted effort to write more consistently. The last few months haven’t been terribly eventful, but there are some upcoming projects and trips that I’m very excited about! (Enough so that I think they are worthwhile sharing with you!)

A few weeks ago I entered some photos into the West Virginia Land Trust’s inaugural photo contest. I was a finalist for the “People’s Choice” award and despite my attempts to round up support from social media to vote for my photographs, I couldn’t compete with the other entries (or rather, I couldn’t compete with the number of friends/supporters of those photographers). Fortunately they also had a Grand Award that was decided by a judge and not simply a popularity contest. And I was thrilled to learn I had won it! The prize is a beautiful enlargement of my photo in a rustic wood frame. For most photographers this might not be too exciting, however I rarely ever print any of my photos for personal use. So this was a treat indeed.

My Grand Award from the West Virginia Land Trust.
My Grand Award from the West Virginia Land Trust.

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  1. Beautiful image! Congratulations

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